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About Us

As of September 28th, 2022 we will officially begin to use The Common Roof as our organization's operating name. While we are proud of our history as the New Path Foundation, this name change will allow us to focus more on our work through a social purpose lens and continue to build community - in facilities we operate or out in the communities we are privileged to work within.


We seek to inspire and empower change in the following areas:


  • Encourage organizations to operate efficiently and effectively

  • Mobilize community support to meet local community identified needs

  • Develop and manage philanthropic investment

We are committed to providing:


  • Social Purpose Real Estate Development that improves the efficiency of social and charitable organizations through the operation of shared facilities and support services;

  • Social Capacity Development through the allocation of resources to support coaching, strategic advice, training consciousness shifts or services that further enhance the work of the social services sector to respond to community needs;

  • Social Enterprise Development through our Ventures Service which continues to explore better ways of supporting our stakeholders and community with an eye on fiscal reinvestment.

Our organization was established in 1996 as a public foundation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors to serve as a link between donors, charitable interests and the vital needs of children, youth and families. 

Through developing, managing and mobilizing community philanthropic investment, we work tirelessly to achieve our mission and help to build the capacity of organizatons through our common roof shared space locations and in community.

Our Mission

The Common Roof seeks to lead in the development and empowerment of strong, compassionate social communities through innovative shared services. 


Our Vision

Innovative approaches supporting compassionate communities leading to better futures.

Our Guiding Principles


We actively seek to influence change in our communities, while also assisting other communities in this change.


We value diversity, and treat everyone with respect, compassion and dignity.



We are committed to transparency and are accountable to, and hold a privileged position of trust with, our donors, staff and community partners.



We are comfortable with measured risk, learn from our successes and challenges, and embrace opportunities that will maximize our impact.



We actively encourage, support and invest in partnerships.



We are committed to personal, professional and organizational development leading to the delivery of the highest quality philanthropic investment and community support.



We champion the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families.



We are committed to the long-term health and sustainability of the organization and ensure that all decisions reflect this intent.

Strategic Direction

Annual General Meeting

The Common Roof Annual General Meeting is taking place on Wednesday, September 27th.

Learn more about this year's BBQ and AGM. 

We Need Your Support

In Helping to Build Community

Our Mission
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